By now we've all been thoroughly convinced of the importance of having a solid and multi-faceted Plan B.

Yes, the best time to form it would have been several years before the pandemic started, but the second best time is today.

Tha main benefit of a good Plan B is that it gives you options and CONTROL.

In a world where almost everything is now the reverse of what it was only a short time ago, control is the holy grail we yearn for.

We want control over what goes on inside our own home, not to be told from on high how many people we can invite over for a family gathering.

We want control over when we leave our home and how far we can travel.

Control over where we work and at what, what health regime to follow, where we go on holiday, when and how we retire, and more.

Control over whether or not we choose to kneel at the altar of Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Tech.

So a Plan B is not some airy-fairy concept we should think about brainstorming in the vague future.

I has to be set up NOW.

Here are the three main things your Plan B shold include:

* Get a Second Residency (or Citizenship). So you can move about the world without hindrance

* Minimise the amount of tax you pay. So you can legally keep more of what you make.

* Safeguard your estate. So you have a legacy that lives on after you and your immediate loved ones are protected.

I am not a tax or wealth planner. I can't help you with #2 and #3.

But I can help with #1

As you know by now I AM an Investment Migration Consultant for Vanuatu – one of the fastest places to gain Permanent Residency (3 days) or Citizenship (30 days) if you know how, and you already have the relatively simple paperwork sorted.

Sooo… when you are ready to start.  As mentioned above, that should be “today”! << book a consultation

Lance in (has a strong passport) Vanuatu